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An Unlimited Supply of Money

Alexander Hamilton’s definition of money (p. 299) is correct as far as it goes. What he omitted, and may not have known, is that money is a natural, national resource much like water.  Throughout history, civilized society has worked to … Continue reading

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Our system of government was deliberately designed by some of the greatest minds our nation has ever known. But our system of economics was not designed by anyone—it simply developed over many years under the brutal process of evolution by … Continue reading

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Charles Beard and Federalist 10

When I first read historian Charles A. Beard’s excellent book, An Economic Interpretation of the American Constitution, it was forty-six years old and now more than a century after its publication it still stands like a rock. I first read … Continue reading

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Two Forms of Capitalism

Democrato-capitalism works for the common good. Tyranno-capitalism works against it. According to tyranno-capitalist theory, the people should interact with our system of economics in such a way that the invisible hand will, in real time, combine the dynamic sums and … Continue reading

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Wall Street, Main Street, Peptic Ulcers

Friday Sep 14, 2012 The Fed has announced a new phase of Quantitative Easing which it hopes will drop unemployment to 7% years from now. Main Street is still suffering. Wall Street, on the other hand has recovered. Big profits, … Continue reading

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How Tyranno-Capitalism Distributes Money

In Federalist 30, Alexander Hamilton discussed the general power of taxation, and he correctly described the proper and indispensable role of money in the operations of the state and in the lives of the people. He did not realize that … Continue reading

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