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Our system of government is a republic, and it is fatally flawed.

In history’s long train of national governments, when tyrants, kings, queens, emperors, empresses, and the like, held transformative power, life-and-death power, over the people of their nations, the appearance of Athenian democracy was a signal event—an event not average or … Continue reading

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Cover Draft

This the most recent draft version of my book: Faction-Free Democracy. 36353772_Cover Proof.3514847  

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Seven Superior Ideas of Athenian Democracy

For more than 150 years, historians have understood that Athenian democracy was a success. For example, the Encyclopedia Britannica wrote a brief summary about the Athenian people and their government. It began with a recitation of the criticisms that some … Continue reading

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An Unlimited Supply of Money

Alexander Hamilton’s definition of money (p. 299) is correct as far as it goes. What he omitted, and may not have known, is that money is a natural, national resource much like water.  Throughout history, civilized society has worked to … Continue reading

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How Ben Hogan Helped Phil Mickelson

  January 21, 2013: Phil Mickelson made some remarks today about his income taxes. He has a real problem, and he is complaining about it. But he should keep quiet. Lots of men suffered, sacrificed, and worked to build the … Continue reading

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Our system of government was deliberately designed by some of the greatest minds our nation has ever known. But our system of economics was not designed by anyone—it simply developed over many years under the brutal process of evolution by … Continue reading

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Charles Beard and Federalist 10

When I first read historian Charles A. Beard’s excellent book, An Economic Interpretation of the American Constitution, it was forty-six years old and now more than a century after its publication it still stands like a rock. I first read … Continue reading

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