I have one book that is finished and published: Faction-Free Democracy, Finishing What the  Founding fathers Started.  It is available on Amazon. Here is the link: Faction-Free Democracy It is about replacing our systems of government and economics. The new government is based on the seven superior ideas of Athenian democracy. The new economic system is based on the fact that we, the people, have an unlimited supply of money.

There is a second book in the works. It is about golf, in which my brother and I report ideas and stories we have collected over 128 combined years as avid amateurs who could play pretty well. Perhaps we will have it finished in time for Father’s Day  2019. We don’t have a name for it yet, but the working title is “Straight Shooters, stories about golf and two golfers from Dublin, Texas.”

You can read excerpts from the finished book on the Amazon page and elsewhere on this blog.

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