This blog is for posting my personal opinions. I am a former teacher and a designer of large-scale computer systems for large-scale enterprises, both public and private. My main areas of interest are human nature and its effects on our major systems such as: governments at all levels, health care, economics, education, capitalism, religion, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, hypothesis evaluation, civil rights, the Internet, crime management, democracy, arts and entertainment, the military, gun control, birding,  and golf. My study of these systems has been first to assist in my profession, and second to assist in developing ideas that will, if implemented, enable Americans to build a nation and help to build a world in which all persons can live long lives that are worth living. All ideas are developed with ordinary citizens and families in mind. All other entities are subordinate to the needs of ordinary people.

There are two books in the works. One is about golf, in which my brother and I report ideas and stories we have collected over 128 combined years as avid amateurs who could play pretty well. Perhaps we will have it finished in time for Christmas 2016. We don’t have a name for it yet.

The other is about replacing our two major systems: our Madisonian republic and tyranno-capitalism. The new government is based on the seven superior ideas of Athenian democracy. The new economic system is based on the fact that we, the people, have an unlimited supply of money. This book is called: Faction-Free Democracy, Finishing What the Founding Fathers Started. My brother and several friends edited this book as it was developing and if any good should ever come from it the credit belongs to them.

You can read excerpts from these books elsewhere on this blog.

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